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"You have to make things happen but an achievement is not an end in itself, it is only the opening for yet another challenge!"

Nimal Dias Jayasinha

Towards a Winning Formula...

In the year 1999 Sri Lanka’s pharmaceutical industry witnessed the emergence of Emerchemie NB (Ceylon) Limited, a newly established company handling the pharmaceutical product portfolios of internationally renowned manufacturers viz. Pharmachemie BV, E-Merck and Arthur Cox Laboratories. At the beginning of its operations the monthly turnover of the company approximated 25 million Sri Lankan Rupees with a staff contingent of 33 employees. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories and Ranbaxy Laboratories followed suit joining Emerchemie within the year 2000.

Today, with a multiple Agency Portfolio, we have come a long way, beating the monopolistic market leaders by offering affordable Branded Generics from many Multinational Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. Working hand in hand with top research oriented companies, we foster a scientific approach and believe that fierce competitive pricing should not compromise quality.

Apart from catering to the human pharmaceutical market, Emerchemie NB has also carved a niche for itself in the Veterinary Pharmaceutical Industry marketing a wide array of interesting veterinary formulations.



To create a professional working group to provide high quality pharmaceuticals at affordable price levels through ethical channels and methodologies and thereby foster the cause of Medicine and Mankind in Sri Lanka to identify the requisite support activity towards the realization of such vision.



To employ Enthusiastic Employees who are well trained and remunerated to involve themselves in Enterprising Activity which will create a dynamic work ethic which in turn will provide Effective Yields thus affording a comfortable and satisfying working environment.

To create respect for inter-dependence and to create a culture wherein Team Work takes pride of place where issues are addressed objectively.

To be an Equal Opportunity Employer with a credo of Pay Performance.


"Our Corporate Passion is to afford enhanced happiness within Society through cure and comfort"