True to our vision we foster the cause of Medicine and Mankind by sourcing high quality pharmaceuticals conforming to international standards. We endeavour to maintain a professional corporate environment promoting unity in diversity. At Emerchemie NB, minds meet, creativity flourishes and fellowship thrives. We are very much aware of our responsibility to the population we serve and believe that the mission should start within the portals of our Offices.


To create a professional working group to provide high quality pharmaceuticals at affordable price levels through ethical channels and methodologies and thereby foster the cause of Medicine and Mankind in Sri Lanka and to identify the requisite support activity towards the realization of such vision.


To employ Enthusiastic Employees who are well trained and remunerated to involve themselves in Enterprising Activity which will create a dynamic work ethic which in turn will provide Effective Yields thus affording a comfortable and satisfying working environment.

To create respect for inter-dependence and to create a culture wherein Team Work takes pride of place where issues are addressed objectively.

To be an Equal Opportunity Employer with a credo of Pay Performance.


"To enhance health and happiness through cure and comfort."