Information Systems

The Company remains mindful of the role of Information and Communications Technology in Marketing and Sales and keeps a constant vigil on the latest developments in order to improve the levels of productivity. As a pioneering effort, a copyrighted Technology driven Software is in operation to analyse the productivity of medical marketers employed by the Company. This is a tailor-made solution that is customized to the operations of Emerchemie NB. The entire network of distributors are interlined through a unique Software System, designed to meet specific needs of the Company and to obtain timely sales data to better understand the market dynamics at the point of sale.

Catering to the expansion of technology is a comprehensive IT Infrastructure in support of the service functionalities such as Accounting, Human Resources, Warehouse & Inventory Control for the ultimate convenience of business processes and on time delivery. Further, a professional IT team mans the network, focusing on acquiring Chemist-level sales data expeditiously. Data collection from retailers pertaining to a niche product group is directed to Key Managers who are handling the portfolios of the particular international principal.