Sales and Distribution

The Distribution & Sales Division plays a pivotal role at Emerchemie as it plays a significant role in reaching out to discerning patients across the length and breadth of the country. It is manned by a group of Managers and Executives possessing academic and professional qualifications within a multidisciplinary milieu. Steering the activities of the division is the Head of Distribution and Sales.

Company has a distributor network geared to handle voluminous sales across the country, covering a web of approximately 3,000 Pharmacies and Hospitals. A team of over 60 company employed sales personnel reach-out to Retailers at timely intervals, with the support of over 30 Company designated distributors. Camaraderie plus team spirit are the cornerstones of this Division which has accentuated the synergies throughout its years of operation.

The Company employees a Statistics Major as its Corporate Analyst to analyse data, gathered from various sources in order to comprehend the progress of the Company’s marketing efforts. Proprietary analytical methods are used towards this end aided by tablet PCs to stream live data. A constant hands-on approach with regard to understanding the market potential and prospects of the products of each division remains the key role played by the Corporate Analyst. A very scientific approach to marketing through statistics modeling and forecasting is always encouraged and promoted.