Human Pharmaceuticals

Our suppliers are spread across Europe, The Americas and the Asian continent. Working with diverse regions, nationalities and cultures has given us a wealth of experience in forging links towards introducing the best pharmaceutical supplies to better serve the Sri Lankan populace.

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Veterinary Pharmaceuticals

Being a major supplier of Human Pharmaceuticals in Sri Lanka, our partnerships with world renowned veterinary pharmaceutical manufactures/researchers in Europe as well as in Asia are aimed at providing high quality, efficacious veterinary products to the livestock operations in the country and to look after the health and nutritional aspects of pet animals we endeavour to provide technical assistance to both livestock industry and pet animal health from a professional perspective as a value added service. Veterinary product portfolio covers an interesting spectrum of veterinary medicines including biologicals, antibacterial, anthelmintics, steroids, hormones, vitamins and growth promoters for a vast range of animal species.

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