About Us

Most people know us as a pharmaceutical agency house. Although we are certainly that, the second largest in Sri Lanka in fact, we would like to think of us as more than that......

We think of ourselves as a group of like-minded people, following a visionary leadership in order to create a link between the people of our land and the medical fraternity in order to carry out a mission so that our passion for a healthy society is fulfilled....


To conceive and create a company that harnesses commercial acumen, ethical principles and technological innovations and brings that combination into the field of Pharmaceutical Marketing.


To Import, Manufacture, Distribute and Market Pharmaceutical Products of the highest quality, at affordable prices, in close collaboration with the Medical Professionals in the fields of Allopathic, Ayurvedic and Veterinary Medicines.


To work as one Team, to safeguard and enrich the health of the people of this Resplendent Isle, as we have realized that good health is paramount and a healthy population is the true measure of our success.