Board of directors

Ranging from a Sage of Pharmaceutical Marketing to a Marketing Wunderkind and comprising of Seasoned Administrators, a Medical Professional, a Legal Luminary, a Financial Whiz Kid and even an International Pharmaceutical Guru, the Board of Directors is as diverse as the range of products we market.

Having outstanding people who are proven leaders in every aspect concerned with pharmaceuticals gives us a unique spearhead in keeping ahead of the times... and the competition...

Mr. N Dias-Jayasinha

It has been an overwhelmingly nostalgic journey that both the Company and I have traversed over the last 20 years. Having been impelled to initiate many activities to start up the organization under the name and style of EMERCHEMIE NB (CEYLON) LIMITED, the ready assistance of HSBC in extending the requisite working capital virtually over the counter, needs to be acknowledged with gratitude. We had a Staff Cadre of 35 persons and the initial monthly turnover was a mere SLRs. 15 mio. However, the passion to grow fast and furiously remained innate and within a matter of a couple of years we were able to boast of having the highest selling product in Sri Lanka – 'Cycloson' from BV Pharmachemie of the Netherlands.

Rapid growth had its pangs – staff, training, storage and distribution - space being the demanding factor, but the cantering sales and margins enabled the Company to invest in its own property located in the metropolitan area itself and by 2005 we moved into our plush Offices at Maligawatta Road, Colombo 10 in addition to building a modern Warehouse Complex in Kelaniya. Pride of place was given to nurturing the human resource element and despite the costs involved an elaborate organizational structure involving Legal and Administration, Human Resources, Logistics, Warehousing, Finance, Training, Medical and Regulatory Affairs and Sales and Distribution, was created to set in motion a ‘process-driven’ operation which has afforded beckoning employment opportunities for more than 600 persons, thus simultaneously securing optimum levels of productivity for the Company.

Internationally and locally EMERCHEMIE NB, became a recognized brand and as I write, we represent some of the most reputed Pharmaceutical Suppliers such as Merck, Johnson and Johnson, Dr. Reddy's, Sun Pharma, Bago, Beximco, Renata, Proctor and Gamble, Wockhardt and Alkem in addition to many others and enjoy a market share of 12% of the entire Pharmaceutical Market and remain as the 2nd largest Pharmaceutical Company in Sri Lanka, making available to the populace an entire spectrum of high quality products covering 'inter-alia' the fields of Endocrinology, Oncology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Pulmonology, Rheumatology, Cardiovascular Diseases, Neuro Psychiatry, Nutrition and Infection Control. We have also begun to move into the fields of Veterinary Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine with quite some success.

A noteworthy development within the Organization was the creation of a Manufacturing Arm in 2012 by way of a fully owned subsidiary under the name EMERGEN LIFE SCIENCES (PRIVATE) LIMITED, which created history within the pharmaceutical firmament in 2015 by winning a SILVER Award at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva – a unique and unparalleled achievement, for its Patented Process for manufacturing Formoterol and Budesonide Inhalation Capsules in the treatment of Asthma.

The past has been enriching even though the present remains challenging due to circumstances beyond our control, the future certainly is most exciting. We realize that by staring too long at the past that we could miss what is right in front of us and hence look forward with PURPOSE AND PASSION to a healthy growth phase over the next months and years through the dedicated efforts of motivated and well trained staff and youthful and dynamic leadership skills.

Mr. M. Prathaban

Deputy Chairman / Group CEO

Ms. M. C. Dias-Jayasinha


Dr. J. A. Weeratunge

Director -

Medical & Regulatory Affairs

Mr. A. M. H. Kosala

Group Finance Director

Mrs. M. N. Dias-Jayasinha


Mr. R. Van Anraat

Independent Director