Regulatory functions have come to the limelight within the last few years as issues of standardization, compliance and pharmacovigilance have come to play an increasing role in the marketing and usage of pharmaceuticals worldwide. Add to that the advent of new government regulations, drafted, implemented and monitored by the newly formed National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA) followed by web based dossier submission through CTD format and price controls have posed new and daunting challenges to the Regulatory Department.

Our regulatory outfit consisting of trained pharmacists under a Senior Regulatory manageress is well equipped to deal with all these challenges as they have years of experience in dealing with the health authorities coupled with the in-depth updated knowledge of international guidelines and quality assurance standards.


Emerchemie is one of the very few agency houses in the country that has a scientific, structured and comprehensive training program for Medical Representative inductees. This program is under the guidance of a full time highly qualified biologist who conducts an intensive introduction to basic sciences as well as pharmacology to the new recruits so that their interactions with the medical professionals will be science based rather than being purely marketing oriented.

In addition, periodic refresher training is carried out for the field staff so that they are always updated with the latest breakthroughs pertaining to the medicines that they market.